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Detox Centers Akron provides a protected and medically supervised environment for those who want to take the initial step towards recovery. The process of detoxification, also known as detox, aims to eliminate drugs and pollutants from the body. It is very important to take into account the difference between detox and rehab. Detox alone is not treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be intimidating if it is done in a medically controlled environment. Detox therapies vary depending on which drug is being abused. The ‘cold turkey’ method is not suitable for all addictions. In fact, going ‘cold turkey’ can even be deadly in some cases, so Detox Akron employs the use of specialized strategies that deal with each patient as people with different detox requirements. To speak with a detox professional, call Detox Akron at (330) 208-9000 now!

What to Expect from Detox

There are three basic stages that clients of Detox Akron can expect after they agree to enter detox. Most importantly, each client is evaluated in order to determine which drug, or drugs, and in what quantities are in the client’s bloodstream. Some clients are hooked on more than one drug – oftentimes in combination with alcohol – which considerably alters the way in which detox is employed. Then, Detox Akron detoxifies the patient’s body in order to take out harmful pollutants and substances. Detox breaks the physical addiction to drugs; however it doesn’t rehabilitate the client. This is why Detox Akron strongly advocates for their clients to go directly into a customized treatment program to continue onto recovery.

Why Treatment Is Important

Co-occurring mental issues might obscure the recovery procedure if not properly diagnosed and correctly addressed in treatment. Detox is much more effective if promptly followed by a rehab treatment program. Because treatment equips addicts to fight their dependency in everyday life situations, and offers them the tools distinguish the triggers and avoid them to drug and alcohol abuse, it is important (in order to avoid relapse) to avert the access to these familiar places, people, and situations that encourage addictive behavior. Recovery is a lot more effective when the addict is removed from the surroundings that trigger drug use.


Relapse is more likely when people take part in detox only, so Detox Akron encourages their clients to instantly precede into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs to begin drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab augments detox by encouraging the recovering addict to stay clean and sober. Contributing to the recovery process are group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, relaxing accommodations. These environments are relaxed to reduce the temptation to use, and they also keep clients busy with programs intended to help them reach their sobriety goals.

Take the First Step Today!

While in a few circumstances, detox is an important first step. Detox is only a first step, and shouldn’t be used as a standby for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Facilities that only treat addiction with detox are unable to support their clients beyond the first step and cannot guarantee that their clients stay clean and sober forever, but Detox Akron directly provides a rehab program so their clients can preserve a sober and wholesome lifestyle beyond detox. Although detox cleanses the body of drugs and toxins, it doesn’t deal with the triggers guilty for the drug and alcohol. Detox Akron, Ohio wants their clients to leave with the skills to battle addiction for the rest of their lives. Take the main step towards a sober lifestyle, and get in touch with (330) 208-9000 to talk with a professional and compassionate professional regarding detox options.